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Nexus University


The Nexus university came into existence, or at least was first noticed as existing, February 16th, 2006 (dates vary according to local custom). Although there is, at present, no staff, the buildings are modern and fully functioning. Labs are stocked and ready for use, the library is extensive and well-organized, and the art studios are clean and prepared to be less so.

Observant students will notice that the AV field is in effect in all places except the gym.


"Do Unto Others..." shall be the whole of the law.


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The Nexus University
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Private Chat [locked to Ali and Dire Wolf] [May 19, 2006]

[ mood | working ]

Ali slid into a chair at one of the many desks in the library, running her fingertips over the keyboard before logging in to the uni's network. She scanned the list of names and handles she could connect to, waiting for the Dire Wolf to show up to talk.

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The Hunt for Buttered Popcorn [March 10, 2006]

[ mood | hungry ]

Ali lead Gabriel over to the portion of the Nexus taken over by the university. The eerie, mostly-empty university, that somehow is still well-maintained. The plants are all cared-for, the buildings are in good repair, and there's even a fresh supply of brochures for next semester's classes available when they get inside the student union.

"Surprisingly, the food here is really good. Even though there don't seem to be any people. And no, I don't know where the food actually comes from."

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Archery Practice [March 09, 2006]

[ mood | calm ]

Ali dropped her bag near one of the walls in the gym with a sigh. "That's getting way too heavy..." she complained to herself, stretching her arms over her head before picking up her bow and quiver. The targets were still set up from last time she visited, for which she was thankful. "Okay. I've got the place to myself as usual. No distractions. Just this."

She smiled, brushing a loose strand of hair off her cheek and taking her place before the targets. She moved slowly and deliberately, aiming carefully and memorizing the feel of her muscles in that position before firing. After a few shots, she settled into a routine, focused entirely on the practice.

Like that's going to last.

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[February 28, 2006]

Angel, having arranged a sitter for Hope, makes his way to the University. He searches for the computer lab. Upon finding it, he enters and boots up a computer in the back of the room. Once connecting to the internet, he reaches behind his ear and pulls out a retractable cable. He sits down and plugs into a firewire connection. His eyes roll back in his head and the lids close, twitching. The browser on the screen flips rapidly through websites as Angel absorbs knowledge.
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Ali & Count D Go Exploring [February 21, 2006]

[ mood | exploring ]

The Count should make a quick deduction as to where they're going as soon as campus comes into view. Even with no signs of people, it has that air of a scholarly institution, with all the irregularly shaped lawns and mismatched buildings any scholar would call home. Amazingly, all the doors they try are unlocked, though Ali comes to a stop in the hall of a very modern sort of building. "I'm afraid I have no idea what sort of lab you need...but there are lots of types here..."

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The Library [February 16, 2006]

[ mood | calm ]

All great libraries have three things in common: books, dust, and stale air. The library at Nexus University is in no way lacking. When viewed from the two-story lobby, rows of books stretch out in four directions, a sweeping staircase marching upwards to deliver visitors to their desired subject (or to offer escape after too many hours of research). An old-fashioned card catalog sits against the wall to one side, flanked by computerized versions of the same data, while the librarians' counter runs the length of the opposite wall.

Behind the staircase is a spacious elevator, as well as a second staircase descending into the basement, home to several computer labs and the movie library, as well as other more modern media collections.

((This will be a place for putting links to relevant information: background on fandoms, interesting threads, artwork, etc. If you would like to use the NU library for in-character research, it's up to you what's found and how easily.))

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