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The Library

All great libraries have three things in common: books, dust, and stale air. The library at Nexus University is in no way lacking. When viewed from the two-story lobby, rows of books stretch out in four directions, a sweeping staircase marching upwards to deliver visitors to their desired subject (or to offer escape after too many hours of research). An old-fashioned card catalog sits against the wall to one side, flanked by computerized versions of the same data, while the librarians' counter runs the length of the opposite wall.

Behind the staircase is a spacious elevator, as well as a second staircase descending into the basement, home to several computer labs and the movie library, as well as other more modern media collections.

((This will be a place for putting links to relevant information: background on fandoms, interesting threads, artwork, etc. If you would like to use the NU library for in-character research, it's up to you what's found and how easily.))
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