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Ali & Count D Go Exploring

The Count should make a quick deduction as to where they're going as soon as campus comes into view. Even with no signs of people, it has that air of a scholarly institution, with all the irregularly shaped lawns and mismatched buildings any scholar would call home. Amazingly, all the doors they try are unlocked, though Ali comes to a stop in the hall of a very modern sort of building. "I'm afraid I have no idea what sort of lab you need...but there are lots of types here..."
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As soon as their destination is recognizable as a campus, the Count's eyes start getting wide. By the time they reach the part of the campus that houses the laboratories, the kami's horrible mood from earlier seems to have mostly dissipated, and he's looking around with an expression close to awe.

"Miss-My lady.. Ali, this is wonderful. Dear gods, this, this.."
She watches him with a bright smile. "Glad I found it?"
He pauses in his stunned staring to turn and return her smile with a brilliant one of his own. "I love it, oh, thank you," he says, barely holding himself back from letting out a very undignified squeal of pure glee.
"Mmmm, good." She kisses his cheek, then whispers, "Lucky fate, then, that I found it."

"Shall we look for a lab that will suit your needs?"
The Count, instead of returning her kiss in kind, decides on a more physical approach. Therefore, about five seconds later, Alison should find herself with an armful of giddy Count D, who has momentarily lost his grip on English.
Ali does not mind being in this position. Not in the slightest. She gleefully returns the hug, nuzzling his hair affectionately while she waits for him to be able to speak again.
"Oh thank you thank you thank you," are the Count's first words when he regains his grasp on the complexities of English again, the man himself pulling back only enough to be able to look her in the eyes. "How can I ever repay you for showing me this place?"
"Your joy is more than enough reward for me, darling."
"Thank you," he says once more, before closing his eyes and visibly trying to calm himself. "This is.. this is wonderful, my lady."

Yeah, so he's repeating himself. He's just a touch incoherent.
"You're welcome." She's tempted to distract him. She likes seeing him so pleased.
The Count opens his eyes and smiles at her again, calmer, but no less happy. Honestly, he looks like he's glowing; Not in a magical way, no. His illusions are still firmly in place. More like the glow of a man who's been given back something he thought he'd lost forever.

"Miss Alison," he starts to say, then apparently changes his mind. "You spoke of exploring?"
"If you'd like..." she touches a few fingertips to his cheek lightly, taking a moment to admire the curve of his cheek. "Was there something else you wanted to ask me?"
"I would, very much so," he answers, leaning his cheek into her touch. "Hmm? Oh, no my lady. I didn't want to ask you anything else."
"As you wish. Lead the way, love." Her hand doesn't leave his cheek just yet, though.
He tilts his head further in order to plant a lingering kiss on his hand. "Of course," he says, mouth brushing against her skin as he talks. And then he turns and walks swiftly to the nearest door, looking for any sign that might label the type of lab.
It takes her a moment to catch up, because she hadn't been expecting him to turn away so suddenly.

And there are, in fact, signs: there's chem labs and biology labs and all sorts of labs. Lots and lots of labs.
Normally, the Count wouldn't be nearly so rude. However, lab! Actual work! No more sitting around going stir-crazy(er) for lack of things to do! His manners might slip a bit.

And yes, signs! Helpful things, those. Especially this one, which tells him that this is definitely not the droid lab he's looking for. He starts to make his way to the next door in the much the same manner, but then seems to come to the belated realization that he's being rude and should wait for the lady to catch up.

"My apologies, my lady."
"It's okay darling. You're excited, go on. I'll catch up to you when you find one you like, I'm sure."
The Count smiles brightly once more, then starts down the hallway in a manner somewhat resembling his normal calmness. Somewhat.

After a few minutes of glancing at signs and moving on, his face brightens again and he darts through a doorway into one of the labs.
She follows at a leisurely pace, stopping in the doorway he darts through and looking around with the air of someone who's never seen that sort of thing before.

Because she hasn't.