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The Nexus University

(main campus)

Nexus University
The Nexus
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The Nexus university came into existence, or at least was first noticed as existing, February 16th, 2006 (dates vary according to local custom). Although there is, at present, no staff, the buildings are modern and fully functioning. Labs are stocked and ready for use, the library is extensive and well-organized, and the art studios are clean and prepared to be less so.

Observant students will notice that the AV field is in effect in all places except the gym.

"Do Unto Others..." shall be the whole of the law.

This community is for both IC and OOC posting. OOC, the Nexus Uni serves as a place to come and learn about the many worlds converging in the Nexus. IC, the Nexus Uni is a place of learning and discovery. Please label your threads appropriately.

((This community is for a RPG. The layout is Underground, which can be found at premade_ljs.))